Phases of Water

soil water

Rainfall has been quite variable with some crops looking good while other areas still need rain. Corn yields will vary this year depending upon emergence, corn stands, and the weather. As Joe Nester says: “Do not over estimate your corn yields. Corn has had 10 darts thrown at it this year which may reduce yields!” Rain at pollination will be critical. New research shows that atmospheric bacteria (originating from plants leaf surfaces) allows water vapor in the clouds to freeze and the water droplets form ice crystals to generate rain, snow, and hail. Over 67 bacteria species have been found with 12 species forming ice crystals. In the tropics, it rains a little each day. Healthy soils improve the water cycle by keeping water circulating through the atmosphere and back through our soils and plants.

In school, we were taught that there were three phases of water: gas (vapor), liquid, and ice. However, there are over 60 anomalies that these three phases of water can not explain. Look up Martin Chaplin: Anomalous Properties of Water. A new theory suggests that “EZ water” is a phase of water that forms in biological systems like microbial cells, plants, animals, and humans. This ordered water allows the water molecules to line up like a magnet in tight layers, with alternating positive and negative charges. In order to do this, nutrients are excluded leading to the term “EZ” (Excluded Zone) water. Imagine a freight train with EZ water (train engine) and the ordinary water (freight cars full of nutrients). The EZ water in cell walls, plants, animals, and humans is a way to move nutrients in and around our cells. This new “EZ water phase” explains most water anomalies with more research to come.

The energy to produce EZ water comes from heat or infrared light which is free and all around us. While ordinary water dissolves nutrients, it takes energy to form the dipoles (+,-) charges in structured or EZ water. Structured or EZ water forms on hydrophilic surfaces (water loving surfaces) allowing water to form layers, almost like ice crystals. Ordinary liquid water has random charges so EZ water has properties somewhere in between ice and ordinary liquid water.

In a redwood tree, 100 feet tall, how does the water move up the xylem to the top of the tree? The conventional theory was through photosynthesis and water transpiration acting as a pump, moving water up the xylem. New evidence shows this type of pump needs to be a million times stronger than what it is currently for this to work. EZ or structured water (train engine) shows how water layered with ordinary water (freight cars full of nutrients) can move water and nutrients great distances with less energy.

Structured water may have an impact on water quality. In ordinary liquid water, nutrients dissolve but there is no energy to keep the nutrients in suspension, so nutrients start to leach. Biology (microbes and plants) provide heat and surfaces for EZ soil water to form so that nutrients can be transported in the soil. Healthy soils with microbes and plants roots create EZ water to keep nutrients recycling rather than leaching out into our surface water.

EZ water is also important for human health. A little know fact is that once our heart stops, blood continues to flow at a diminished rate for a period of time due to EZ ordered water. Our heart transports blood from arteries (large vessels) to capillaries (small vessels) and back to the heart through veins (large). That takes a lot of power and our heart needs EZ water in the capillaries to make this happen. EZ water is the engine that transports ordinary water and essential nutrients in tight spaces through our bodies to keep us healthy.

There are several things that will generate EZ water and make you healthier. Walk in the grass barefooted, take a mud bath, and/or take a sauna. Soil and plants create free infrared energy that can be absorbed to revitalize your body by creating EZ water out of ordinary water. The mud and sauna create infrared energy to revitalize our bodies. Fresh squeezed plant juices (sap) also contains EZ water. Try walking barefoot in the grass, take a mud bath, clean off with a sauna, and/or drink some squeezed plant sap juice to feel great! Information from Dr. Gerald Pollack, University of Washington.